HI Python Summer Camp

HI Python Summer Camp

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* 零基础,语法简单,易学,易入门
* 可以早日激发孩子对计算机开发语言的兴趣
* 有助于学习高中计算机课程, Java以及其它编程语言
* 引导孩子对游戏的兴趣转到学习编程语言, 游戏编程

What will you learn? 主要教学内容

* Basic Topics: Data types, Variables, basic input-output operations, boolean values, if statements, for loops, while Loops, functions, lists, tuples, dictionaries, strings, graphic drawing ...
* Problem solving practices on codingbat

* Making your own tic tac toe game in Python

*Creating your own graphic  drawing

Instructors 小老师介绍

Ken will help you on the Python basics as a volunteer tutor. Ken has a diversity of CS experiences, including APCSP, USACO, a certificate in deep learning from Coursera(which requires python), as well as Java and C++.  Ken is currently in his high school robotics software team(which requires Java), Midknight Mayhem, which has been successful in being in finals in the FTC competition for several years. Ken has tutored Python beginners, Java beginners, intermediates and also Java for middle schoolers for around 2 years ever since last summer. He is fluent in English, but can also speak some Mandarin. 

Andrew will help you on Python basics as a volunteer tutor. Andrew has a diversity of Computer Science experiences, including AVBotz, PLTW Gateway,  ACE Coding, AI and Machine Learning  and other tutor services.  He passed the USACO bronze contest and am in Silver division. He is currently in my high school robotics software team, AVBotz, which has achieved in finals at Robosub competition for many years. Andrew has tutored Python beginners, intermediates and Java  for middle schoolers for around 2 years. He is fluent in both English and Chinese.