Become A Hanlin Institute Tutor

Hanlin Institute (HI), Hanlin Education Foundation of America, is a platform supporting students and parents who help each other to build up students caring, positive, creative, competitive confident, and capable of leadership 

The Hanlin Institute Tutoring Program aims to provide a platform online for students worldwide to help and connect each other and assist them to be more caring, optimistic, competitive, confident, and capable of leadership.

The Tutoring Program helps participants improve their language expression skills, enrich their personal growth experiences, develop good study habits,  become a global thinker,  independent learner and establish their high self-esteem!

Why do you want to be a Hanlin Institute Tutor?

+Improve self-esteem and self confidence
+Develop good study habits
+Improve academic performance and enrich personal growth
+Enhance verbal ability and time management
+Help you become an independent self-driven learner
+Provide a unique and personalized learning experience
+Encourage higher-level thinking and execution ability
+Improve your critical thinking skills by sharing and linking topics, ideas and assignments between courses
+Increase community awareness and serve your community
+Raise money for learning disability people with dyslexia and ADHD

+ Every tutor can apply for The President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) with the eligible service hours through Hanlin Institute (HI), Hanlin Education Foundation of America.

+You may also choose to get paid depending on the size of your students as an intern if you have teaching or tutoring experience before. The more students you tutor, the more you get paid. 

Hanlin Institute Tutoring Program 为大家提供互帮互助的平台,塑造阳光向上,有竞争力,自信心,领导才能的学生。Tutoring Program帮助提高参与者的语言组织和表达能力,丰富个人成长经历,养成良好的学习习惯,成为一位独立的思考者和学习者。每位志愿辅导小老师均可通过符合条件的服务时间,通过翰林来申请PVSA,“总统志愿服务奖”。 可以辅导一人或两人以上的小班。

 如果你曾有教学或辅导经验, 也可以选择成为实习生。根据你的学生人数,你能够获得一定的报酬。

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