Introduction to Java Programming

Introduction to Java Programming

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为什么学习 Java 呢?

* 可以早日激发孩子对计算机开发语言的兴趣
* 有助于学习高中计算机课程
* 引导孩子对游戏的兴趣钻到学习编程语言,游戏编程课程

* Learn a powerful programming language, preferred for USACO
* Project-based learning
* Fun and engaging classes with an experienced instructor

What will you learn? 主要教学内容

* Syntax
* Data types
* Arrays
* Loops
* Variables

* Basics of object oriented programming

Instructors 小老师介绍

Wendy is a senior at Palo Alto high school. She is fluent in both English and Chinese. Her father is an engineer, and therefore has been involved with technology from a very young age, and has always been interested it. She has passed USACO bronze, and is currently in the silver division. She can code in python, java, and C++, and has taken many courses about computer science, both in and out of school. As for teaching experience, Wendy has taught at rural schools in China, teaching various different subjects.