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2022 Dominic O'Brien Brain Training Class (世界级大师脑力培训班)

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Testimonials For Dominic O‘Brien Memory Training Classes (训练课见证篇)

I definitely like this program, especially the way Mr. Dominic teaches us. For each class, Mr. Dominic guides us beginning with a recall of the last lecture, then teaching us new strategies, challenging us, practicing new strategies by linking memory, logic, imagination, attention, location all together. I also enjoyed the last part “RECAP”. It makes me very clear about my new learning. I am starting to use the strategies that Mr. Dominic taught us in my tasks, and see my efficiency has improved a lot. I hope we can learn more skills related to my school subject studies from Mr. Dominic. Thank you so much, Mr. Dominic! 

Daniel Liu

We attended Mr Dominic Super Brian Course recently. Although the problem has only 10 hours in total, we found we have learnt so much. During the program, Dr Dominic taught a lot of concepts about memory improvement, covering various strategies such as mind map, link system, story system, Dominic system, etc. Through each two-hours class, the students were provided the significant training exercises for working memory improvements. With the learning front Mr Dominic, I found that not only kids can be boosted for study efficiency,  but also we can definitely improve our daily-life activities by using association, imagination, and location. We believe that our memory can be further improved and become more intelligent by practicing the strategies learnt from Mr. Dominic.

Jane Yao

Many thanks to Mr. Dominic O'Brien's super memory class where he taught us how to improve our long-term memory.  I was really impressed by his honesty that a super majority of us were not born with great memories (totally agree as I was one of them), but we can work hard to gain memories by using workable methods.  He is here to teach us some of those methods that have worked for him.  I like his methods that promote imagination and creativity.  I found that they are quite amusing in addition to that his teachings increase my abilities to train a better memory.  In the end, please do remember, after we learned the methods, no magic, we will need to depend on ourselves to work hard and practice until the methods can become part of our memory game.

Anthony & Xia

I really enjoyed this class. In just a few days, I was able to learn a large variety of memory techniques for memorizing things ranging from words, to numbers, to countries, and more. I know I will be able to apply these techniques to many aspects of my life for years to come. It was really eye-opening to see how through this class, I was able to memorize things that I never could’ve imagined memorizing in the past in a short amount of time. Dominic O’Brien, being so experienced and knowledgeable in the field of memory, was also a great teacher. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who’s interested in learning about how to improve their memory or even someone who just wants to learn something new. 

Christy Huang

I think that Mr. O'Brien's course was very helpful. By the third day, I was able to memorize 20 cards using his techniques. I liked how he not only explained ways we can memorize things, but also explained how the brain worked. I learned how to memorize numbers, dates, words, etc. I also learned different methods which were really helpful.   


Jaida Gao

Dr O'Brian covered many memorizing skills and theory systematically. I am especially interested in his Dominic system which is original and flexible. Will try to finish 00-99. His show of neuron growth is impressive. Thanks!

Wei Qian/Skylar Qian:

Really good teacher. Would really like to have him as a tutor 2 times per week.

Jacob Hearns

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Dominic O'Brien, 8 Time World Memory Champion, delivered 4 sessions of Memory Technique Classes through Hanlin Institute's platform, which are highly recommended. His Summer Camps are on the way. 八届世界记忆冠军,多米尼克·奥布赖恩(Dominic O'Brien)通过Hanlin Institute的平台已经传授了六次10小时记忆技术课程,受到了强烈推荐。