Intro to C++

Intro to C++

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为什么学习 C++ 呢?

* 生动有趣的课程激发孩子们对学习变成的兴趣
* 效率最高得别弄成语言适合个大型计算机竞赛
* 引导孩子吧对游戏的兴趣转到学习编程语言

* Learn a powerful programming language, preferred for USACO
* Project-based learning
* Fun and engaging classes with an experienced instructor

What will you learn? 主要教学内容

* Variables
* If-else
* Loops
* Vectors
* Arrays

* Functions

Instructors 小老师介绍


Isaaca has lots of experience as a coder and coding teacher. I advanced to USACO Silver and scored a 5 on AP CSA. I taught coding and robotics to elementary school students for the past 5 years. Along with C++, I can code in Python, Java, and several more.