Hanlin Institute Tutoring Team

The Hanlin Institute Tutoring Program aims to provide a platform online for students worldwide to help and connect each other and assist them to be more caring, optimistic, competitive, confident, and capable of leadership.

The Tutoring Program helps participants improve their language expression skills, enrich their personal growth experiences, develop good study habits,  become a global thinker,  independent learner and establish their high self-esteem!

Join us to explore, learn and grow!

Hanlin Institute Tutoring Program, President

Andrew Xiao, President of Hanlin Institute Tutoring Program 

Andrew has been a great contributor to building up the Hanlin Institute Tutoring Program from scratch in 2020.  Before Andrew joined Hanlin Institute Tutoring Program, he had already obtained the Gold Presidential Award for his previous volunteer service. Andrew continued to be a volunteer tutor and intern of both Python For Beginners, Rubik’s Cube classes, Machine Learning Introduction with Python in 2021 and 2022 . His students expressed their sincere appreciation for his patient and enthusiastic teaching and detailed fun presentation.  

 Andrew is an incoming Senior attending AVHS. He has a diversity of computer science experiences, including AVBotz, PLTW Gateway,  ACE Coding, AI and Machine Learning and USACO. He is currently in high school robotics software team, AVBotz, which has achieved in finals at Robosub competition for many years. He also published a research paper on utilizing predictive machine learning models to classify chest x-rays for lung lesions such as pneumonia.  He likes listening to music,  making videos,  swimming and working out.  


 Hanlin Institute Tutoring Program, CoPresident

Yilin Fang, CoPresident of Hanlin Institute Tutoring Program

    Yilin Fang is an incoming Sophomore attending Los Gatos High School. Since 2020, she’s spent many hours in the lab conducting rigorous research in the field of medicine and drug synthesis. She has also participated in her school leadership, working with 12 other students to organize events such as school fundraisers, dances, and rallies.

     As Hanlin Tutoring CoPresident, she has taught both private and group lessons in elementary school English. Beyond tutoring, she also created bonding activities for our students, including contests and shows. She plays competitive tennis at a varsity high school level. Having done more than three years of Speech and Debate, she’s honed her writing and public speaking skills. Despite her busy schedule, She ensures that she leaves a few hours for her family over the weekends, from hiking to playing with her dog. She also loves to hang out with her siblings and likes reading manga, watching anime, and enjoying k-drama.

   Ken Mori, Vice President and Coding Section Leader of Hanlin Institute Tutoring Program

    Ken Mori is an upcoming senior at the King's Academy, and has been a part of Hanlin Institute since 2021. Before he joined Hanlin Institute, Ken received the President's Gold Volunteer Medal and the Community Hero Service Award. Ken has started coding ever since he was in 2nd grade, participating in the Khan Academy's Hour of Code. He is the software captain for his school's robotics team, which has won numerous awards and many competitions in First Tech Challenge(FTC).

     Ken has been teaching Python and Java introduction and intermediate classes since 2019; he is also a main coding teacher at CodeNinjas, a kids code learning center, leading multiple camps such as Python, MakeCode, Lego Robotics, and 3D Printing from elementary to middle school students. All his students cherished his passionate and fun teaching style while exercising their newfound programming skills. He has participated in a wide variety of computer science activities, such as Machine Learning and AI, Breadboards, USACO, and ASCL. As the president of his school's 3D printing club, he organized community activities to provide local doctors with their 3D printed face masks during COVID. Ken is very excited to teach at Hanlin Institute and is looking forward to working with students. In his pastimes, he likes to play basketball, tennis and photography.