Hanlin Education Foundation of America

Hanlin Institute, dba of Hanlin Institute Education Foundation of America

The American Hanlin Cultural and Educational Foundation, located in the Silicon Valley in Northern California is a nonprofit organization that educates kids about culture.

The purpose of this organization is to connect youth from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong with Americans around the same age through a smooth communicative and interactive platform.

This program guides participants through studying Chinese and American cultural fields to learn about these beautiful countries by attending ​summer/winter camps and culture/ar​t festivals. Participants develop close friendships​ ​throughout the camp helping make the world​ ​a more harmonious place.

The Hanlin Culture and Education Foundation is composed of senior experts from the San Francisco Bay Area who specialize in the fields of education, culture, communication, community, and more. During each event, a professional project manager arranges the overall plan and design.